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‘Di lang si Honeylet! Duterte wants many women allowed for conjugal visits if he’s jailed


President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday (August 21) reiterated he’s not scared of going to jail for waging a war against illegal drugs– as long as there will be conjugal visits.

In a speech before politikos at the League of the Municipalities Visayas in Cebu City, Duterte said many women should be allowed to visit him in case he is jailed.

“Am willing to go jail.. wag lang walain ang conjugal visits Do not limit it to one,” he said.

A self-confessed womanizer, Duterte said he is ready to provide a list of women who can pay him visits while in jail.

Duterte is officially single since he is not married to his long-time partner, Honeylet Avanceña. His marriage to Elizabeth Zimmerman has been annulled.

“I am not scared of going to jail. I am scared of getting lonely. Mamatay ka na lang,” he said.

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