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‘Di maganda ireject! Sotto admits senators nervous over Duterte’s inclusion of plunder in death penalty

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President Rodrigo Duterte virtually tied the hands of senators into approving the death penalty after he included plunder with drug-related crimes in the proposed maximum punishment.

“If it is confined to high-level drug trafficking, it stands to be a good chance. It could be a squeaker, but it could pass in the Senate. Ngayon, because of the mention of plunder, hindi maganda sa aming mga senador at saka mga congressman, na hindi pumayag na isama,” said Sotto in a radio interview.

“Kailangang isama, otherwise, takot kami sa plunder…pangit na umayaw kami sa plunder,” he added.

Sotto admitted that getting 13 votes would be a struggle due to the strong resistance against reimposing the death penalty which was abolished in 2006.

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“Kung baga sa mga 13-14, kaya natin. Kung high-level drug trafficking lang,” said Sotto.

“Merong mga kontra sa amin niyan…ako personally, high-level drug trafficking. Pero yung plunder nga naman, tatalab doon. Nag-plunder ka, eh di hindi ka mahirap,” he added.

While plunderers could use their loot to hire the best attorneys, Sotto said the government could neutralize this by freezing the kleptocrat’s assets.

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