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‘Di na kailangan! Gadon to withdraw petition stopping NTC from letting ABS-CBN return on air

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Lawyer Larry Gadon announced on Thursday (May 21) that he will withdraw before the Supreme Court (SC) his petition which sought to prevent the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to issue provisional authorities to ABS-CBN that would allow the network to operate while the renewal of its legislative franchise remains pending.

“The supervening events are game changers that call for new and more appropriate responses and directions,” he said in a statement.

Gadon explained the petition he filed before the SC is already “moot and academic.”

“The act sought to be prevented no longer exists,” he said as he noted that the NTC did not issue provisional authorities but issued instead a cease and desist order (CDO) against ABS-CBN.

“NTC already issued CDO on May 5,” he added.

The lawyer also noted that ABS-CBN also has a pending petition before the SC which has been asked to nullify the NTC CDO.

In his petition to the SC, Gadon called as illegal illegal directive of House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano and House Committee on Legislative Franchises chair Franz Alvarez which directed the NTC to issue the provisional authorities to ABS-CBN.

Gadon insisted in his petition that ABS-CBN can only operate if Congress grants it a legislative franchise.

“Speaker Cayetano has already withdrawn his House Bill giving ABS-CBN provisional franchise,” Gadon pointed out in his statement.

“The ABS-CBN applicaton for franchise has been referred to the Commitee on Legislative franchise leading to a public hearing and full ventilation of the issues,” he added.

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