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Di naman patay lahat: Bato says 17k pushers, addicts arrested alive, only 1,105 killed in police operations


Philippine National Police Chief Bato Dela Rosa revealed that only six percent of the targets of its police operations since July 1 were killed while resisting arrest.

In a report to the Senate committee on justice in Thursday’s hearing, Dela rosa said that from July 1 to of 8 a.m. of September 15, there were 1,105 killed in police operations for resisting arrest.

Della Rosa said that it has arrested 16,891 individuals – 10,635 are pushers and 6,256 are addicts.

Sen. Tito Sotto said that the latest PNP data showed the other side of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war that not all the suspects being apprehended were shot on sight t as reported in local and foreign media. ”

Let us not forget that the PNP is just doing its job and is not killing all of them, just those resisting arrest,” said Sotto.

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