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‘Di n’yo kami sakop! Palace: ICC examination into drug war ‘utter disrespect’ to PH sovereignty

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By Prince Golez

The International Criminal Court (ICC) does not have jurisdiction over crimes committed in the Philippines, Malacañang insisted.

This, after the ICC said it is expected to finish its preliminary examination of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war by 2020.

“As we have maintained earlier, while the Philippines may have been a signatory to the Rome Statute, its membership did not place it under the jurisdiction of the ICC because the law that created it did not comply with the publication requirement to pass the due process test imposed by our Constitution, especially because the instrument is penal in nature,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo explained.

“A contrary interpretation would be antithetical to the demands of due process, constitutionally protected under our Bill of Rights. Hence, the ICC never acquired jurisdiction over the Philippines, the latter’s membership thereat being void ab initio. Necessarily, it did not give birth to any legal effect,” added Panelo.

The Palace official said that ICC’s ongoing examination on issues concerning the war on drugs was an “utter disrespect” to the Philippines as an independent State.

“There is no evidence that this Administration is unable or unwilling to prosecute crimes against humanity. The opposite is true. The government is pursuing vigorously its campaign against all kinds of crimes,” according to him.

“Any resort therefore to a foreign tribunal relative to the management of our country’s state policies is utter disrespect, and any complainant who does it who is a citizen of the Republic, is an infidel to the sovereign aspirations of this Republic,” he also said.

Panelo reiterated that the Duteret administration has nothing to do with the extrajudicial killings of drug crime suspects.

“This Government does not sanction nor condone any unlawful act resulting in the loss of lives. Neither does it allow any widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population. The deaths occurring in the course of legitimate police operations come about because the criminal suspects subject of these law enforcement activities resort to violence that imperil the lives and limbs of the police officers, he said.

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