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‘Di pa ba sapat ang TRAIN? Poe sees ‘no rush’ in tackling Trabaho Bill or TRAIN 2


With soaring inflation attributed partly to the tax reform law, Senator Grace Poe expressed reservations over the need to legislate the Trabaho Bill which is actually TRAIN 2.

TRAIN stands for Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion which generated additional revenues for the government but also led to increased food prices due to tax on fuel.

The Trabaho Bill, which the House of Representatives already passed on third and final reading, aims to rationalize tax incentives given to businesses as well as economic zones.

Sought to comment on the impending deliberation of the measure in the Senate, Poe said, “Definitely it’s one of the things that will be taken up in the Senate.”

“Of course as a lawmaker we need to be able to see the pros and the cons,” said Poe in an interview.

“But right now, especially with what’s happening with inflation and they’re saying and attributing some fault to TRAIN 1 and also certain social mitigating measures were not rolled out from TRAIN 1; I don’t know if it’s time for us to actually consider TRAIN 2,” she said.

Poe, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Services, also said, “There are so many things going on that we need to prioritize before this.”

Pressed whether fellow senators support TRAIN 2, she said, “A lot of my fellow senators are actually quite apprehensive about it, especially at this time.”

“But I think it’s our job to really read the provisions and if we have to, introduce amendments or object to it,” Poe said.

She added, “But definitely with one thing in mind, will it actually help the economy or will it worsen the current situation?”

Asked whether she already read the Trabaho Bill, Poe said, “Not yet, not the version that they finished in the House.”

“There are certain things that we know will be a part of the provisions but the actual one that they submitted in the House, I have yet to go through it,” she said.