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Commission on Elections Commissioner Rowena Guanzon set the record straight Tuesday (November 12) on Duterte Youth party-list amid claims that its new representative has assumed office in the House of Representatives.

Guanzon tweeted that Ducielle Marie Suarez can’t assume office just yet even if she supposedly took her oath before a judge.

“Certificate of Proclamation was issued to Duterte Youth with wife as representative . fake news yan that she will assume office even if she took an Oath before a judge. Misrepresentation yan,” she said.

Suarez is the wife of former National Youth Commission chairperson Ronald Cardema, who was disqualified by Comelec for exceeding the age requirement for a youth party-list representative. She is the first among the new set of nominees approved by the poll body.

Duterte Youth won one seat in Congress in the May 2019 polls.

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