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‘Di pwedeng lahat libre! Duterte: People must pay taxes for gov’t to work

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No one may like paying taxes, but President Rodrigo Duterte said it is necessary for government to function.

In a speech at the signing of a memorandum of agreement for higher education Wednesday (June 13), Duterte quoted Education Secretary Leonor Briones as saying that “people must pay their taxes” at a recent Cabinet meeting.

“They have to pay for the government to work. There is no other way where we can raise the money for the needs of the people except through taxes,” he said.

Duterte said there are various “ambitious projects” that the government will only be able to fund through taxes.

Referring to Briones, he said: “So sabi niya, hand in hand with this offer of ours, free education for all, halos universal na, people must realize also that they have to pay their taxes.”

Congress last year passed the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law which raised the exemption for paying income taxes, but also imposed new levies on items such as sugar sweetened drinks and petroleum products.