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‘Di raw atat pero epal naman: Bong Go’s shameless plugs ruin Duterte official photos


For someone who claims to be uninterested in running for Senate in 2019, Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go has no shame in using government resources to boost his popularity among voters.

Go, who has been President Rodrigo Duterte’s side since he was mayor of Davao City, has gone from being the “Pambansang Photobomber” to being present in practically all photo releases from Malacañang.

Based on his prominence in the photos, one would think that he’s the most important person in Duterte’s events– maybe even more than the President himself.

In this Malacañang photo, Go was snapped alighting from a plane solo as if he were a head of state.

From being Duterte’s “photobomber” during the campaign, Go sustained media attention on him by sharing exclusive photos from presidential engagements to reporters.

He upped the ante by shamelessly having selfies with world leaders at the APEC and ASEAN Summits in Vietnam and the Philippines, respectively.

The allegation that he used his influence in the Philippine Navy’s multibillion-peso frigate deal led to his appearance at a Senate probe, where he was treated with kid gloves by Duterte’s allies.

At the same time that the frigate controversy was unfolding, somebody must have whispered into Go’s ear that he could use his standing in the President’s inner circle and his newfound fame as a “national photobomber” as a launching pad to national politics.

Emboldened by endorsements coming from the President and other politikos, Go did not think twice about exploiting the people’s money and resources to further his ambition– despite insincere denials of his overflowing ambition for power and attention.

Evidence of Go using the government’s resources as his personal political machinery is obvious in these photos.

From peppering Malacanang media releases with his face, Go has moved on to bringing “hakot” crowd to Duterte’s events here and abroad. His so-called fans bring with them campaign posters that would put to shame the best “epal” politikos this country has ever seen.

Go has also styled himself as a do-it-all troubleshooter by helping Filipino fishermen get their freedom from Indonesia.

Not content with media attention, he has volunteered himself as a spokesperson for Duterte with guestings on radio and TV. He even issues press releases spelling out his views on certain issues, as if people cared what he thought about these things.

At Jollibee Singapore store where Duterte met OFWs, Go overshadowed Duterte’s own daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, based on these photos:

We can’t blame the guy for working double time to achieve his political ambition considering his close to zero credentials, but we just hope he won’t do it using government resources.

People say Nancy Binay herself was just a personal assistant of her father, former Vice President Jejomar Binay, when she ran for the Senate in 2013.

The argument was that if Nancy managed to become a senator, Go should not be blamed for having the same lofty political ambition.

But Nancy did not use the Office of the Vice President’s funds when she ran. Nor did she did force herself into the national consciousness the way Go has shamelessly been doing using government resources.

If people will vote for Go because he’s Duterte’s man Friday, why not vote for his daughter or son instead? Why go for a dummy when you can have Duterte’s own flesh and blood?

Some folks used to find Go’s antics cute but now he’s just plain obnoxious AF.


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