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The Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed the petition which sought the issuance of writs of amparo and habeas corpus that would compel youth group Anakbayan to return a 19-year-old woman to her parents.

The SC Public Information Office (SCPIO) said on Friday (Sept. 18) that the high tribunal has issued a decision penned by Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta that dismissed the petition of spouses Francis and Relissa Lucena who wanted their daughter, Alicia Jasper or AJ, to return to them after allegedly being influenced to joining Anakbayan.

“The petitioners, the Court said, failed to make a case that AJ is being detained or is being kept by the Anakbayan against her free will,” the SCPIO said.

The SCPIO said the high tribunal observed that “it did not appear that AJ had been deprived of her liberty or that petitioners had been excluded from their rightful custody over the person of AJ.”

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