Diabetic who? Imelda Marcos guards cake from health police
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Diabetic who? Imelda Marcos guards cake from health police

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Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is having her cake and nobody can stop her.

The former Ilocos Norte representative recently enjoyed a a huge slice of cake despite warning from family members not to mess up her blood sugar. The 91-year-old Mrs. Marcos is apparently a diabetic.

Ilocos Governor Matthew Manotoc shared a photo of his “triggered” grandmother shortly before devouring a slice of strawberry cake during a family gathering. The Instagram photo shows Mrs. Marcos cautiously protecting her plate from anyone who might get it.

“Just a diabetic lola protecting her shortcake after being warned her slice was too large 🍰 #BoxOut #WheresTheInsulin #TriggeredGranny #BabyYulo #StrawberryShortcake,” Manotoc wrote on Instagram.

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