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‘Dickhead mouth!’ Lacson throws shade on Twitter

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By Xave Gregorio

Amid a brewing spat with Senator Dick Gordon, Senator Ping Lacson threw shade on Twitter on Tuesday (April 17), warning how uncontrollable blabber-mouths can ruin reputations.

“With a lot of help from a doctor-friend, I say this – Somebody who has a mouth like an incontinent anus with a defective sphincter pylori can indiscriminately destroy reputations,” Lacson tweeted.

The pyloric sphincter is a part of the digestive system which controls the flow of partially digested food from the stomach to the small intestine. If it malfunctions, the sphincter would have trouble opening and closing properly, affecting control of fluids in the gut.

Incontinence, meanwhile, is a condition which renders people incapable of controlling bowel movements, causing stool to leak from the rectum.

Politiko has asked Lacson who he was referring to in his tweet, however, he has not replied.

But when the tweet was shared on his official website, it was titled, “In plain English: A dickhead mouth can pollute other people’s good names.”

The senator’s tweet comes after he refused to sign Gordon’s report on the Dengvaxia vaccine because of his “unreasonable comments” and his “prejudgment” on the Senate probe.

Gordon claimed Lacson doubted his report, which recommended criminal charges against former President Noynoy Aquino, because of his closeness to the former chief executive.

This was after Lacson said in a separate tweet that he finds it “difficult to believe” that Aquino is capable of committing graft and corruption.