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Dinadaan sa daldal! Vince Dizon claims COVID-19 tests to breach 1-M mark soon but testing capacity remains at 4,800 daily

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Bases and Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) chairman Vince Dizon is mouthing off big numbers about the government’s COVID-19 testing initiative in an attempt to cover up his lackluster performance as testing czar.

Dizon said in an interview on CNN Philippines’ “The Final Word” that the government’s goal is to breach the 1-million mark for COVID-19 tests by the end of July.

As of July 12, data from the Department of Health show that 978,884 COVID-19 tests had been conducted.

“Our target is to hit 10 million tests by next year. But we are confident we can double the one million tests by early September or end of August,” Dizon said.

However, a netizen pointed out that the number that matters is the country’s current testing capacity for COVID-19, which stood at 4,800 tests per day.

“Lagi na lang plan to increase. Gawin mo Vince Dizon, wag puro press release. Pde ba wag magsinungaling sa testing capacity – only actual capacity matters because that impacts our pandemic response, hindi theoretical capacity,” tweeted @daem0n94.

When a netizen claimed that the Philippines has better testing capacity than Japan, @daem0n94 said: “@Mr_Wasabi0 comparing actual testing between Japan and Philippines, we have six times the number of daily cases. Ayan ang data para maintindihan mo. Baka sabihin mo same graphs, iba ang y-axis scale ng graphs. Vince Dizon can spin the way he wants. The reality is he is failing!”

Dizon also said it’s the government’s goal to test around 10 million citizens for COVID-19 in less than a year,

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