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Dinig ang balak! Duterte: Foreign country has proof of destab plot by Joma Sison, Magdalo


A foreign country has gathered evidence linking Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison and the Magdalo party-list to an alleged plot to destabilize the government, President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday (September 11).

In his one-on-one interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, Duterte accused Sison and the Magdalo group of joining forces to oust him.

“We have the evidence and we have the conversation provided by a foreign country sympathetic to us. We do not have that sophistication na — but meron and the connection will be shown maybe any day now,” he said.

While Duterte did not mention the country which allegedly has proof of the destabilization plot against him, he said he will request that the information be available to everyone.

“I asked that it be declassified at ipakita nila sa lahat. Nahihigop lahat eh. Alam nila ‘yan. Nahihigop lahat. So they were in constant communication,” he said.

Duterte said the partnership between Sison and the Magdalo party-list was a “loose conspiracy” but they will carry out their alleged destabilization plan together.

The President earlier said he expects plans to oust him from office to intensify in October.