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Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) chairman Chel Diokno believes Vice President Leni Robredo has the chance to put on the right path the administration’s drug war.

“The appointment of Vice President Leni Robredo as co-chairperson of the Inter-Agency Committee on Illegal Drugs is an opportunity to correct the so-called War on Drugs unleashed by the Duterte administration, which has been a one-sided attack against the poor rather than a war against drug syndicates,” he said in a statement.

“Under Vice President Robredo’s leadership, we hope that the killings will stop, and the government will finally take a better approach to the problem of illegal drugs,” he added.

Diokno pointed out that, in solving the drug problem or any another social problem, “does not require the police to act inhumanely.”

On the other hand, Diokno urged the ICAD to “use all of its powers to identify, gather evidence, and prosecute drug lords and those in power who are protecting them.”

“The Inter-Agency Committee must also recognize the global nature and the problem of illegal drugs, and join hands with other countries and international agencies in identifying and monitoring the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs,” he stated.

“And for the good of our people, we hope that the government starts treating drug addiction not as a crime, but as a health problem,” Diokno also urged.

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