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Do something! Dick urges gov’t to act on drug killings

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Senator Richard Gordon has urged the government anew to show before the international community that it is determined to investigate alleged killings and other abuses being linked to the drug war.

In an interview over ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), Sen. Gordon stressed the importance to recognize and act on the resolution submitted by Iceland in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) calling to investigate human rights situation in the country.

“Show the international community that we are doing something about it. Tell them we accept your findings, this is our own statistics and we will do something about it. That is what the president should say,” he said.

Gordon said attacks from international community are already expected due to drug-related deaths but insisted that every criticism should be listened to whether valid or invalid.

“You can expect, talaga naman there are a lot of people being killed. I think, it is our right to protect our sovereignty, to allow fair comment, fair criticism but act. If we do not act then everybody is going to attack us,” Gordon said.

The senator, however, said there is no need to let UNHRC observers into the country to do their probe on allegations of human rights violations under the Duterte administration.

“I don’t exceptionally like the idea of other counties coming here, we have a functioning court, we have Congress, I do investigations, we have the Commission on Human Rights. When they come here, can they do better than the police or the CHR?,” he said.

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