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Doble singil? Red Cross charging P4,500 on top of PhilHealth subsidy or COVID tests-Minguita Padilla

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Irregular. Disappointing. Surprising.

This was the reaction of Project ARK medical team leader Dr. Minguita Padilla when she learned that Philippines Red Cross was charging COVID-19 tests on top of what the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is already shouldering for its members.

In an online forum of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines, Padilla said said her driver was charged P4,5000 for a COVID-19 test (including P500 for a soft copy of the certificate which is not optional).

Padilla said her driver should have not made any out of pocket payment for the COVID-19 tests because this was covered by PhilHealth which had advanced P100 million to Red Cross for the tests.

Padilla, a former PhilHealth executive, said Red Cross has made it the responsibility of members to reimburse their expenses from PhilHealth.

“This is wrong,” said Padilla who was “baffled and intrigued” by this odd scheme.

“Why is there an extra charge from Red Cross? It’s in the MOA (memorandum of agreement), we know the rights of members (PhilHealth should pay directly the laboratories or hospital without members applying for reimbursement). It’s something we can’t explain,” said Padilla who noted that he driver’s experience was standard for all PhilHealth members who had their tests with Red Cross.

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