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House Deputy Minority Floor Leader Janet Garin warned the Department of Health following the procurement of dengue kits to boost its anti-dengue drive due to the national dengue epidemic.

Garin, a former Health secretary, said the dengue kits “tantamount to corruption” since those items procured and being distributed by the agency are “useless” in preventing the spread of dengue.

“Please, stop using the DOH funds and the people’s money for buying the useless dengue kit… stop enticing people to by those useless kits because those are tantamount to corruption,” said Garin.

The anti-dengue kit supposedly being distributed by the DOH, according to Garin, contained bottled water, paracetamol tables and anti-mosquito repellant lotion.

Garin stressed that the kits being distributed by DOH in dengue-infested “are not based on science” and only similar to the so-called “barangay tanod kits” which was already prohibited by the Department of Interior and Local Government.

“At the end of the day these are not effective, this are not based on science, kapareho po ito sa mga barangay tanod kit na matagal nang ipinagbawal ng DILG,” she said.

Garin said she wanted to know how much DOH spent in procuring those “useless” items.

“Tanungin po natin si DOH kung magkano (ang ginastos sa kits), kasi yun yang parang pamigay lang na dole-outs kaya makikita mo sa mga posts, may bag, may ganitong kit, hindi po yun solusyon sa outbreak ngayon,” said Garin.

She said the DOH started to procure those kits when the so-called “Dengvaxia scare” started sometime in late 2017.

“Please make sure that the quick response fund is not put to a use where it will invite corruption again.”

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