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Police should bring quarantine violators to inquest prosecutors immediately so as not to keep them in detention longer than they should, said Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra.

“The police should bring persons arrested for quarantine violations to the inquest prosecutor within the day or else release them for regular preliminary investigation at a future time if inquest could not be immediately done,” he said.

The Secretary pointed this out after learning what happened to 58-year-old fish vendor Dodong Jimeda whose plight drew the attention of netizens.

Guevarra also told police Jimeda was not required to secure a photo of his house after learning that fish vendor stayed in detention for 12 days because of it even though his family was able to raise P3,500 as bail.

“A photo of the accused’s house is not one of the requirements for bail; the complete residential address of the accused is enough,” the Secretary said.

“Only the Supreme Court can set the rules on bail, upon consultations with the DOJ (Department of Justice),” he reminded.

Jimeda’s family sought help to find the vendor who went missing.

The family eventually located the vendor and learned he was arrested last May 7 when he crossed to Navotas from Caloocan without a travel pass.

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