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Don’t mess with Duterte! Coca Cola PH’s ex-CEO from Iceland blasts UN human rights probe

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The former chief executive officer of Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines has sided with President Rodrigo Duterte amid a looming probe by the United Nations Human Rights Council about the human rights situation in the country.

Bæring Ólafsson took to Facebook Tuesday (July 16) to criticize his home country, Iceland, for introducing the resolution adopted by the UNHRC for an investigation on the Philippines.

“It was utterly wrong of Iceland to pass the resolution of the the Human Rights Council against the Sovereign Democratic State of the Philippines. The handling and fighting against Drug Cartels and Criminal Gangs inside of the Plilippines is an internal domestic issue and a law enforcement issue by the Philippine Government and there should be no interference from outside entities or countries,” he said.

Ólafsson said that if the UNHRC would apply the standard it used on the Philippines for launching investigations, countries such as the United States, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and France may be next.

He said he was “not proud” to be a citizen of Iceland over the UNHRC resolution.

“Personally, I apologize for this misstep of my Country Iceland,” Ólafsson said.

President Rodrigo Duterte has already slammed Iceland over the resolution, saying the Nordic country doesn’t understand the Philippines’ problems because its citizens were “eating ice.”

For Ólafsson, there is no human rights violation in the Philippines that merits an investigation by the UNHRC.

“The only Human Rights Violations here are the Drug barons and Criminal gangs that kill people at will and President Duterte has taken them on and has more than 80% of the population supporting him in doing so,” he said.

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