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By Nancy Carvajal

A group of emission testing owners have filed their complaint to President Duterte against officials of Department of Transportation officials of allegedly abuse of authority and robbing them of their livelihood.

“An Undersecretary has even empowered himself as prosecutor and judge at the same time without any authority preventively suspending private emission testing centers (PETC) without show cause orders,’’ according to the members of PETC in a letter submitted to the president.

In an interview with the group led by its president Macario Evangelista Jr, the group declined to say publicly the name of the Dotr official who they accused of being instrumental of removing from the Land Transportation Office the supervision over the PETC.

The group said they are willing to name the official to the president.

“He unceremoniously transferred and arrogated unto itself the monitoring, supervision, certifications, approvals decisions and actions over PETC,’’ the letter to the president said.

The group said that under the new set up, PETC’s were systematically suspended without due process of law, that is on mere suspicion of alleged faked, altered, or manipulated image uploads.

The group added that over 1,300 PETC’s nationwide are now being intentionally culled to be replaced by only 138 sites of Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers.

The group said the new concept of vehicle inspection is discriminatory and is meant to set aside the old players.

They added that vehicle owners will also put in a disadvantage because they will spend more time and money for the process.

The group said that 25,000 families and employees will go hungry if the DOTR will continue to exclude them from the new concept of the vehicle inspection.

“ The new method revealed the preference of key officials of the Dotr for expensive

European technology suppliers, grand emission inspection center owned by select affluent friends who can initially afford to post P10 million bond and be immediately issued provisional authorizations even without submitting a single legal document such as business permits, articles of incorporation, financial statements, BIR licenses, other than mere application forms.’’

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