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Senate Minority Floor Leader Franklin Drilon has called on the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to review its plan to conduct a “house-to-house” search for those asymptomatic and mildly infected by the coronavirus disease.

“For this reason, I say: No warrant, no entry!” Drilon said in a statement.

According to Drilon, it seems that the national government has now resorted in a more extreme way of contact tracing and is now paying the price of its failure to conduct mass testing to the population.

“If this government had only acted prudently and expeditiously, we would not have reached this point where our state security forces are being commanded to desecrate our inviolable constitutional right to be secure in their persons, houses against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose,” said Drilon.

Drilon urged the DILG to review its proposed house-to-house search since it’s considered unconstitutional and an invasion on one’s privacy.

“We need health professionals to contact trace those affected, not the police to sow fear and panic,” said Drilon, a former Justice secretary.

Drilon stressed that officials involved in handling the COVID crisis must be “creative in their solution, not fascist actions to demand submission which by the way has not worked for the past few months.”

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