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Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon on Sunday (April 30) slammed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa for coming quickly to the defense of policemen responsible for the one-by-three-meter cell in Manila..

“I do not see how Dela Rosa can say that his cops did nothing wrong when the Constitution and the law is clear that having a secret detention is illegal,” Drilon, a former justice and Executive secretary said.

Drilon was referring to the of a secret jail cell inside a police station in Tondo, Manila where at least 12 men and women were found to have been illegally detained for days by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) where they were tortured and used for extortion.

Dela Rosa, instead of denouncing such horrendous conditions and treatment of detainees in Tondo, even defended the policemen who were also accused of extorting money from the arrested drug suspects.

The opposition leader in the Senate said Dela Rosa’s reaction to the issue has been “gravely disappointing.”

“The PNP chief should be more circumspect with his statements as any reckless words from him only convinced everyone that there is indeed a culture of impunity in the PNP these days,” Drilon said.

Furthermore, the senator said Dela Rosa should be more “disturbed” given that the apparent rise in cases of police brutality and abuses are taking place under his watch.

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