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Drilon: House has lost jurisdiction over Road Board abolition bill


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Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon on Monday said the House of Representatives “lost jurisdiction” over a measure abolishing the Road Board the moment the Senate adopted the House version.

Thus, he said the House did not have authority to “rescind” its approval of the bill.

“Since Senate already adopted House bill, the House lost jurisdiction over the bill and could no longer validly reconsider its adoption,” Drilon said.

“Senate should send the printed copy of the House bill adopted by the Senate, signed by SP, to DU30 for his approval (Senate legal position is outlined in the reso I authored. Adopted by the Senate Dec 15),” he said.

The disagreement stemmed from the move of the House to withdraw its own third reading approval of the bill after the Senate had already adopted the House’s version.

The Road Board administers the P45-billion road users tax or the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge, which is allegedly a major source of kickbacks for lawmakers.

Earlier, Senator Ping Lacson said the Senate would “insist” on the abolition of the Road Board, which he described as “a big source of corruption.”

“We will insist. In fact, we had to adopt the House version of the bill abolishing the road board even if we did not totally agree to their version when we found out that they wanted to withdraw what they already had transmitted,” he said in a text message.

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