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Drilon says Ron Salo telling ‘complete lie’: Senators ain’t behind SEA Games budget cut

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It is a “complete lie.”

This was how Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon described Rep. Ron Salo’s claim that the former slashed the budget allotted for the 2019 SEA Games.

“Mr. Salo is a blabbermouth and a purveyor of fake news,” Drilon said in a statement.

He said that Senate records would disprove the allegations made by Salo and other members of the House of Representatives against him.

“The journal of the Senate dated December 6, 2018 would clearly reveal that no member of the Senate slashed the budget of the SEA Games,” Drilon said.

He said that the P7.5 billion funding for SEA Games that was “mysteriously lodged” in the budget of the Department of Foreign Affairs – that even the Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin disowned – was only transferred to the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

The third reading version of the 2019 General Appropriations Bill passed by the Senate would show that the P7.5 billion budget lodged under the PSC “was intact,” he said.

According to Drilon, it was the bicam, which members of the House of Representatives were part of, that slashed this to P5 billion. “For the record, it was not I who proposed to slash it to P5 billion during the bicam.”

“The current budget of the SEA Games remains at P6 billion after P1 billion was transferred from the contingent fund. I made transparent and publicized all my proposed amendments to the 2019 budget,” he added.

“If only Mr. Salo exercised due diligence, he would have saved himself from embarrassment. But that would be wishful thinking,” Drilon said.

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