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Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon on Friday ridiculed the vow of House appropriations panel chairman and ACT-CIS party-list Rep. Eric Yap to reduce funding for agencies known to be prone to corruption.

He said the proposal was “good media copy but not the appropriate remedy.”

“Will Congressman Yap reduce the budget of PhilHealth because of corruption in that agency?” Drilon said.

“Will Congressman Yap reduce the budget of DSWD because of reports of corruption among barangay chairmen in the distribution of the SAP?” he added.

Drilon reminded Yap that even a reduced budget “can still be plundered if handled by the same corrupt officials.”

“Why will you punish Philhealth, or SAP beneficiaries, especially during this pandemic, for the acts of its officials?” he said.

“Effective prosecution of corrupt officials, and strengthening the antigraft laws, and not the reduction of the budget, are the proper and more effective remedy,” Drilon said.

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