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Drugs na naman?! Govs, mayors getting tired of Duterte’s lengthy speeches

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Beneath the smiles and applause they give, local politikos are getting bored of hearing President Rodrigo Duterte give practically the same speech on every occasion they see him.

Politiko has learned that after nine closed door meetings, several governors and mayors are no longer thrilled to see Duterte because he does not tell them anything much except the administration’s war on illegal drugs.

To make matters worse, the President has made it a habit to threaten and curse local politikos to get their cooperation in the narcotics war.

It doesn’t help that Duterte always arrived at least five hours late to the meetings, messing up the schedule of the governors and mayors who had to cancel meetings just to stay in the same room with him.

How will local politikos’ dissatisfaction with Duterte affect the war on drugs? Abangan!