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Despite his unconventional leadership style, President Rodrigo Duterte believes he’s far from being a despot.

In a speech before soldiers in Sulu Friday (December 1), Duterte described himself as someone who seeks peace.

“Wag ho sana kayong mag-misinterpret sa aking mga diskarte. Kasi po I am a President for peace. I am not an authoritarian, aristocratic na, a despot,” he said in his visit to Camp General Teodulfo Bautista.

Duterte said he is well aware of the limits of his powers under the 1987 Constitution.

“Tayo, may limitado sa Constitution. At ikaw at ako, you know, we swore to protect the people and defend the Republic in its integrity and territorial bounds,” he said.

Duterte earlier denied he is planning to declare a revolutionary government, saying he will only consider doing so if the country is on the brink of chaos.