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Dutere claims NPAs get P3B a month from extortion: Don’t be fooled by their simple lives, their kids study in London, Australia

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President Rodrigo Duterte is claiming that owners of mining firms and abaca and banana plantations and the poor are forking out as much as P10 billion a month to the New People’s Army (NPA) as protection money.

Duterte said that while the NPA guerrillas live in horrible conditions in the deep forests, their communist bosses like Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison have been living the high life outside the country behind an exterior of living a simple life.

In a meeting in Malacanang with former NPA rebels, Duterte said: “The money that you extorted from the mining and the banana and abaca plantations by bombing their property or setting it on fire, those are billions. You can say that every month they earn 3 billion from extortion, including those that they extorted from the poor.That is the computation if you include what you’ve taken from the poor like the rice, food.”

“But what you don’t know is just how much exactly are they collecting. It’s a huge sum of money.So some of the collectors here are living in what seems to be a simple life but in secret, they have a lot of money. Their children are there in places like London and some are in Australia. They send their children outside of the country in secret. But you are the ones who suffer and die for them,” he added.

In contrast, Duterte said the NPA rebels “smell like shit” living in a hellhole with barely any food, clean water and sanitation.

“I’ve went up there in the mountains so many times and I heard someone defecating and it smelled bad. That shit really smells bad. And then I’ll look at their feet. Their nails resemble that of a cow’s. Their feet look big because of all the walking and running. They also haven’t taken the mud that dried there. Almost half of their nails are covered with mud. And they smell really bad,” he said.

Duterte said he could not fathom why NPA rebels were blinded by Sison for decades that they would choose to leave their families, live in squalor in the mountains, and follow ruthless leaders who would kill them the moment they leave the armed struggle.

“What kind of people are you? You really want to create a nation? How? By drawing blood and killing people. And if one of you will surrender, they will definitely kill the surrenderee. Just give me one reason why you’d be willing to die for Sison. Why will you not believe me when I’m the one who was elected by millions of people? Imagine the six million who voted for me.But I was chosen by the people. Why won’t you believe in me? What offense have I done to you? Did I steal your lands? But rich or poor, you’re compelled to give.Did I touch your wives? Did I ever allow my soldiers and policemen to touch your wives and your children?” said Duterte.

“Why should you believe in Sison who was never even elected in just one barangay council? If I too take up arms right here in front of you, will you believe me out of fear? So why do you fear him?” asked Duterte.