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Duterte accuses Hilbay of being gay, using Agot as cover: You were made by God, He made a mistake

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President Rodrigo Duterte has once again used his gaydar on the oppositon by claiming that senatorial bet Florin Hilbay is a homosexual.

In a speech in Bukidnon, Duterte claimed Hilbay used actress Agot Isidro, a fellow Duterte critic, as a cover to hide his sexuality. Duterte said Hilbay should not be ashamed of his true sexuality because even “God makes a mistake.”

“Florin Hilbay is a lawyer. But he’s gay. His girlfriend is Igot Isidro. They’re always together. Agot rather, not Igot. Do you think he’s gay?I don’t have a problem with gays, but this particular gay is a bully. They always criticize me, Hilbay and Agot, until they ended up being couple. Because they’re always together,” said Duterte.

“He acts like a man and pretends that Agot is his girlfriend. Be true to yourself. You’re gay. Don’t hide behind a cover. You were made by God. God made a mistake. Just because he’s a God does not mean he is incapable of making mistakes,” he added.

Aside from Hilbay, Duterte has also shamed Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as being gay. Duterte insists that he has nothing against gays.

“I was once gay. Am I straight or a gay?) So what if I’m gay? What is it to them? My — it’s my life. I deserve to be happy. Why stop the gays when they’re made by the government — God? It’s already God’s problem why he made gays. Why would we make fun of the gays? Insult them and not accept them at… Yeah,” he said.

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