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Duterte admits constant travel is taking toll on health: I nearly fainted


President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that his health has taken a big after spending a lot of time on airplanes all over the globe to press the flesh with world leaders.

In his Labor Day speech, Duterte said he has lost weight and confessed that he nearly passed out in some of state visits.

“I work really hard, to the point of almost fainting during travel. You know I’m old and I cannot rally stand travel. When I get home, I feel so tired and I’ll lay down right away,” said Duterte.

“That is why after the ASEAN summit, right after dinner, I boarded an airplane and got here at 3 in the morning just to get some rest. I am getting thin. But if Ma’am here feeds me, I’ll fatten up. She won’t even respond when I talk to her,” said Duterte referring to his partner Honeylet.

Duterte, who has been averse to traveling when he was a Davao City mayor, has already made a full tour of Asia and has been to Peru, New Zealand and the Middle East i just 10 months in office.

The 72-year old has been hounded by health rumors during the presidential campaign. But Duterte has been candid about having Buerger’s disease — a disorder affecting blood vessels which required him to take a extra shot of oxygen from a portable converter.


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