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Duterte advises mall owners to defer rent collection: You’re flogging a dead horse!

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte appealed to store owners and landlords to waive rental charges amid the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, Duterte encouraged tenants to show compassion during this trying time.

“Let me appeal to the landlords [and] owner [of] malls, bazaars, (and) big stores na merong mga different stores selling anything. What you have, you own this big building to be rented out,” the President said during a pre-recorded speech.

“Marami dito sa kanila gusto ninyo magbayad ng 50 percent even they are not operating. Actually I’m at lost really to explain to you how but when you collect from somebody who is not earning at all, it is practically flogging a dead horse.

“Ako naman nakikiusap, nagmamakaawa dahil nga if you are not earning how are you supposed to pay? Maawa naman tayo sa kababayan natin. Let us help one another. If it does not really spell bankruptcy sa inyo eh di tiisin na lang ninyo with nothing except your savings to tide you over. Baka sakali makatulong ang appeal ng gobyerno,” he also said.

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