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There are a few things that scare President Rodrigo Duterte and one of these is to dive into the mind of North Korea President Kim Jong Un, look around and see exactly what the of tyrant of the Hermit Kingdom is thinking.

In a press conference Saturday night, Duterte admitted that he and other ASEAN leaders were “extremely worried” about the nuclear missile program of North Korea’ s33-year old leader.

“We know that we are playing with somebody who relishes — letting go his missiles and everything. I would not want to go into his mind because I really do not know what’s inside.

But he’s putting Mother Earth, the planet to an edge,” said Duterte.

Duterte said Kim was “enjoying” launching missiles like these were “kwitis” or fireworks.”And he enjoys… It shows on the face that he enjoys… Let him and I would just advise — no, not really advise but I would just communicate to… And just let him play with his…Do not play into his hands. The guy simply wants to end the world. That is why he is very happy. He is always smiling. But here he wants to finish everything and they will drag us all down,” said Duterte.

Duterte said that if Kim decided to start firing his missiles, Asia would be the “first victim if those are really nuclear warheads.’

He likened the confrontation between Kim and United States President Donald Trump to two boys playing with toys with the rest of the world hoping that they would “prudent and patient.”

“I’m sure President Trump by now must also have been — is cautioning his military to just maybe hang on there and not to start a — something which they cannot control. I am expecting a call actually from President Trump tonight. And who am I to say that, ‘you should stop.’ But I would say just, ‘Mr. President, please see to it that there is no war because my region will suffer immensely.’