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Duterte backs giving of condoms, pills to youth: Di mai-schedule ang libog!


President Rodrigo Duterte wants condoms and birth control pills distributed to the youth, saying it’s better to give them tools to prevent pregnancies since their libido cannot be “scheduled.”

In an ambush interview Saturday (March 11), Duterte said trying to prevent people from having sex runs counter to their natural instinct.

“You cannot postpone your libido next week. Walang… Bakit mo naman maschedule ang libog mo? [laughter] Napaka-g***. You must be stupid really. Think about it,” he told reporters in Baguio City.

“Ang problema kasi yung iba hanggang libog lang. So bakit natin taguin ang problema? Why keep it a secret, the cycle of life? Hindi mo maschedule ang libog, the sexual instinct. Huwag mong ischedule kay hindi iyan pwede maischedule. Biology iyan,” the President added.

Duterte said unwanted pregnancies need not happen if people– particularly the youth– are able to access birth control methods. He reiterated his opposition to abortion.

“Family planning, yes. Prevention of pregnancy. But killing the fetus inside, mahirap iyan. Walang laban ‘yung ano,” the President said.

Last January, Duterte signed an executive order ensuring the provision of funds for the implementation of modern family planning methods.

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