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Duterte begs God not to let him live longer after 2022: Bigyan mo lang ako ng aneurysm, isang pitik lang!

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President Rodrigo Duterte knows the end is near so he is asking God to make it quick.

Duterte said he does not plan on living longer after he steps down in 2022 (amid speculation he would run for vice president and stay in power for another six years).

“You know, actually ako ba, sabi ko sa Diyos na pagkatapos ko ng Presidente, 74 ako ngayon eh, so I’ll be out at 77. Sabi ko sa kanya, ’wag mo na akong patagalin. Bigyan mo lang ako ng aneurysm. Isang [snaps his fingers]…,” said Duterte in a speech.

“Kung may cancer ako sabihin ko sa asawa ko, ‘pag umabot ako ng third stage, no more. Bakit — bakit ko pahabain ang buhay ko na hirap? Bakit ko pahabain ang buhay ko na magsakit? Cancer, masakit ‘yan maski hawakan mo lang ang kamay ng ganun. So wala nang quality of life,” he added.

Duterte has complained about having several ailments – from a bad back (from a motorcycle accident) to Buerger’s disease (from his previous smoking habit) – but Malacanang was adamant he was still fit to run the country.

When asked to give a lowdown of his health status, Duterte has this stock reply: “So are you in the pink of health? You must be crazy. Do not ask me that question. At 74, marami na akong umiinom, pati Viagra.”

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