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Duterte better than Noy but Cory is still GOAT in satisfaction ratings – SWS

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President Rodrigo Duterte has surpassed former President Noy Aquino with his new record-high Social Weather Stations satisfaction rating.

While Duterte’s numbers are very good, these are not yet good enough to beat former President Cory Aquino who remains as the gold standard in public satisfaction.

In his Inquirer column, SWS president Mahar Mangahas said Duterte’s plus 68 score in the second quarter of 2019 has now overtaken the personal best of Noy of plus 67 in August 2012.

But Mangahas said Duterte’s record high was only good for third place as Cory held the top two ratings of all time, including the only “excellent” rating (plus 70 and up) in the record books.

“The new PRRD score is not the all-time best of SWS history,” said Mangahas.

Cory posted an insane plus 72 in October 1986 and followed this up with the all-time second-best plus 69 in March 1987.

Duterte’s rating is still significant considering that he achieved this at the halfway point of his six-year term when the popularity of most presidents are starting to wane. (Noy’s record was reached in his second year in office while Cory’s notched hers in the first six to 12 months after being swept to power in the 1986 People Power Revolution).

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