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Duterte blames commies for creating rice hysteria: Makakabili ka ng bigas kahit 5 trak!


President Rodrigo Duterte is adamant that there is no rice shortage in the country and is blaming Leftists for spreading lies to bring him down.

In a briefing, Duterte said: “’Yung bigas, ‘adre, wala naman talagang… It was a hysteria built by itong mga red, itong bigas-bigas. Kung gusto mo magbili ng bigas diyan, magbili ka maski limang truck.”

Duterte did not explain why the price of rice has surged and why the National Food Authority has ran out of stocks in some parts of the country.

“May bigas man talaga. But because of the hype, while they were shouting in the streets that there’s no food, all along we were already importing so many tons of rice,” he said.

Duterte also lectured his economic managers led by Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez to explain the rise of prices, especially of fish, in more concrete terms to ease the public’s conc3rns.

“Alam mo ba na mas mahal ang isda ngayon kaysa karne? Mas mahal ngayon ang isda kaysa karne. And to think that sabi ninyo fish is the part of a staple food, ulam,” said Duterte.

“Mas mahal ngayon ang isda. Because of low supply, overfishing, climate change, and everything. Ganoon dapat pag-explain sa people, not in abstract terms kasi malilito ang tao,” he added.