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Duterte ‘blames’ Pinoys for bloody presidency: Sinabi ko namang papatayin ko kayong lahat, hindi naniwala


President Rodrigo Duterte said Filipinos are at fault for the bloody crackdown on suspected criminals since they voted for him in the 2016 elections.

In a speech Tuesday (June 19), Duterte said he had warned the electorate during the campaign season that he would kill those who break the law.

“Eh kasalanan ng mga Pilipino bakit nila ako binoto. Sinabi ko naman sa kampanya. P**** i** ka, papatayin ko kayo lahat. Hindi sila naniwala. O ‘di… Sinabi ko na sa inyo huwag,” he said.

Duterte won the 2016 presidential race with over 16.6 million votes, which is 6.7 million more than what the second placer, former senator Mar Roxas, received.

The President said human rights advocates critical of the war on drugs should provide details on the people he supposedly killed.

“For fairness’ sake, why don’t you just turn also the page at tignan mo kung ano itong mga p***** i***** pinatay ko at ano ang ginawa nila sa k******** nila,” he said.

Duterte also slammed human rights advocates for once again raising a howl over his campaign to arrest “tambays” or stree loiterers.

“Ngayon, eh itong Human Rights, do not tell me what to do. Sabi ko, ‘yung mga istambay paalisin — sabi ko sa mga —paalisin ninyo diyan sa inyo,” he said.

The Philippine National Police has intensified its crackdown against “tambays” after Duterte said he does not want to see people loitering in the streets at nighttime.

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