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Duterte blames US for China’s militarization in South China Sea: May bomba sila pero walang ginawa!


For President Rodrigo Duterte, there’s no one but the United States to blame for China’s boldness in pursuing the militarization of the South China Sea.

In a speech before freemasons Thursday (April 26), Duterte said there have been plenty of reports about China’s reclamation of areas in the South China Sea as early as seven years ago but the US did nothing.

“Who was the power that could have stopped it on time? It was only America. He could’ve sent his armada there, the Seventh Fleet there. And say, ‘hey, guy, you cannot build artificial islands in the high seas. That’s not allowed. It ain’t allowed,'” he said.

“Wala man siyang ginawa. America did nothing. The Western nations did nothing. They had the atomic bombs. They had the cruise missiles. They had the ship,” Duterte added.

The President maintained that the Philippines could not have done anything about China’s reclamation and militarization activities because it will lead to bloodshed.

“Suddenly, it developed into what is now a military garrison. Now, at that time, who could’ve stopped it? Tell me. Philippine Navy? Marines? And there will be a massacre,” he said.

Duterte said going after China for building military structures in the South China Sea will be futile because it is generous in helping the Philippines.

“If there is trouble in Mindanao, if there is a— there’s going to be a, I said a bloodbath. The nearest that I could call which I’m sure would respond would be China,” he said.

According to an April 25 report by the People’s Liberation Army Daily, China has erected a monument marking its construction activities on Fiery Cross or Kagitingan Reef in the Spratly Islands, which is being claimed by the Philippines.

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