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President Rodrigo Duterte thinks Catholics are “ignorant” for believing in the heaven and hell concept being shoved down their throats by priests.

Duterte said that if only Catholics studied their history and broadened their minds, they would realize that heaven and hell were just hogwash.

“Kung sino ang gustong mag-hell. ‘Yan ang pangtakot ng mga p***** i** Hell, hell, hell. Four thousand years ago, mga nomadic ‘tong mga tao na ‘to. And the only way to exact fear eh sabihin nila may impiyerno, then they invented that there’s a place — there’s a place where happiness with a lot of virgins there,” said Duterte.

“Dito naman (heaven), it’s a very peaceful and where your soul can rest. Really? Why do we have to rest? You are already a soul. Why don’t you just travel the entire length and breadth of the universe and see the beauty of the creation of God?” he added.

He blamed the Catholics’ ignorance on their lack of education. “It’s really automatic. If you are not educated, then you are ignorant. So ignorante ka, pasunod-sunod ka na lang. Ako, I believe in God. I believe my undying — deep faith in God. Pero hindi ganun. It does not operate that way,” said Duterte.

“Sometimes a good education really — if you are maybe fond of reading books, you would know — you’d better understand the purpose of God and the purpose of the universe and why it is so,” he added.

Duterte suggested that Catholics read up on the “Holy Inquisition”, which was started by Pope Gregory IX in 1232 for the suppression of heresy and revived in the 15th century to combat Protestantism, so that they would realize the true nature of the Church and its priests.

“Hindi ako marunong nang mag-operate ng… You go into the period of inquisition. How many women, men, and children were burned, tortured because may mga birthmarks sila, meron silang markings sa katawan and they were considered witches at sinusunog at stake. Do you know who was the leading figure of the Inquisition? The Roman Catholic Church. The Rome of the Holy See,” said Duterte.

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