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Duterte calls climate talks a waste of time, money


By Prince Golez

While he recognizes the mounting dangers of climate change, President Rodrigo Duterte believes climate change conferences abroad are a waste of time and public money.

Speaking at 25th International Conference on the Future of Asia in Japan, Duterte questioned how policies in regards to climate change are enforced.

“What is this conference of climate change for? Is it just to talk? Because there is no body, no entity to enforce the laws governing climate,” said the President.

“There is not even a sanction. And mankind has always been there, as practiced by many over periods of generations of just talk, and at the end of a century or two, there is trouble, there is war,” according to him.

In his keynote address, Duterte likewise reminded countries most responsible for carbon emissions to take urgent action to combat climate change.

Poor nations, like the Philippines, suffer the damages from warming, he lamented.

“Vulnerabilities are not equally shared by all nations. Developing countries that have contributed the least of global warming, like my country, the Philippines suffers the most from this horrendous consequences,” the Chief Executive said.

“Year in, year out, we suffer doubly when typhoons strike. The poorest of our poor bear the brunt of damage, becoming even poorer in the aftermath. Government with limited resources and capabilities have to content with a spiral of suffering on top of the urgent development priorities,” he added.

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