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President Rodrigo Duterte thinks elitist journalists from Manila have always had an axe to grind against him even before he set foot in Malacanang in 2016.

Why PH is a ‘feudal’ state: Duterte says politikos take at least 30% kickback from all projects

“They never really liked me,” said Duterte who claimed that his being a “migrant son” of Davao did not sit well with the “rich” opposition who “never experienced hard times.”

Wag n’yong asahang babalik pa si Joma! Duterte offers to help NPAs to run for mayor

“Some of them make sarcastic jokes out of it (of him being a probinsyano), especially those elitist writers who write for… They are animals. It’s already there but they would still choose to twist the story… Eh t******** kayong mga y*** kayo,” said Duterte in a speech in Agusan del Norte.

Duterte would rather be called ‘kapatas’ than barangay captain: Puro sila drugs!

“They really do it intentionally. When I say, ‘mga p***** i** ninyo’, the immediate connotation of that is son of a b****. But in their articles they will twist its meaning and say, “son of a whore.” A whore is a p***. They will really — the worst of everything,” he added.

Duterte has a surprise for drug addicts: I will make them shit in their pants

Duterte confirmed that he was the source of a matrix which identified media firms Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Rappler, Vera Files and the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) as well as human rights group National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) in an alleged plot to oust Duterte.

Duterte tells Chinese bizmen: Go to Philippines, do business

Duterte said the information did not come from the local intelligence group but from one of the country’s allies overseas.

“I think you already know who. But when I received the information, I did not even know who it came from. I was just told, ‘You can use these to rebut’. These were acquired through technical means. I don’t know who sent those to Malacañang. But because it involves those in PCIJ and media practitioners, I will release it so that the Philippines would know how media is so corrupt. Don’t believe the (PCIJ)…It’s full of… ,” said Duterte.

” I don’t know where the information came from. It just reached my table. But based on how it was written, I know it’s not from a Filipino. We just revised and translated it. It wasn’t written in our language,” he said.

Duterte has been the target of adverse reports in the past weeks, specifically PCIJ’s multi-part story questioning the spike in the wealth of Duterte and his children; and an online video posted anonymously where a supposed whistleblower, “Bikoy”, accused Duterte, his children including 15-year old Kitty, and allies of getting massive kickbacks from drug lords.

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