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Duterte calls for inclusive globalization in ABAC meeting


By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed support for a more “inclusive” approach to globalization during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council meeting in Papua New Guinea Saturday.

“Our President has always pushed for a kind of globalization that is inclusive that means bigger nations really empowering and helping smaller nations, and at the same time, as the smaller nations are empowered and would generate the capability to manufacture, the capability to provide services for the bigger countries to have a much more open market access,” Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez said in a press briefing today.

“It’s like a big brother principle wherein the bigger countries would be in a way helping empower the smaller countries,” Lopez added.

The DTI chief said that Duterte also encouraged other APEC leaders to ensure that the globalization of trade in goods and services would benefit everyone.

“So ang isang sinabi niya dun would be, lalo na ang micro SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), we have to empower them and make sure that they are given proper training and human resource development. And, as they prepare also for the digitalziation of businesses, he recognized that not all micro SMEs are empowered to operate their respective digital operation in terms of entering e-commerce and getting access to a stable internet,” he said.

The President, said Lopez, stressed the need for a “strong” internet infrastructure so the micro SMEs can increase their involvement in e-commerce and financial technology.

“He knows that eventually the economies are really going towards that direction, digitizing business. So at this point ang sinabi niya talaga very important to provide training, retraining and education for micro SMEs, and I guess, the population in general so that we really have high quality workplace and technology-oriented Filipinos,” according to him.

In his interventions, Duterte likewise underscored the principle of having a “win-win-win arrangement” and mutual respect for sovereignty.

“Our President has mentioned time and again that we are friend to everyone and an enemy to no one,” Lopez said.