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Duterte calls for protection of migrant workers

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte is pushing for increased protection of migrant workers.

In his speech delivered at the Belt and Road forum high-level meeting, Duterte regarded migrants as drivers and enablers of development.

“In pursuing connectivity, we should not merely build roads and bridges but we should also create human connections. It is through these connections that we facilitate grand exchanges of skills, ideas, and experience. It is also through linkages that we forge and build trust and understanding,” according to him.

“Migrant workers serve as nodes of these connections. Through their hard work, they continue to contribute to the development of both their home and host countries,” he added.

The Chief Executive also pointed out the “shared responsibility” of countries in ensuring the welfare of migrant workers.

“Protecting their rights and promoting their welfare are our shared responsibility. These are the essence of people-centered cooperation,” he said. “

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