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Duterte calls for reimposition of death penalty for drugs, plunder

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte pushes for the revival of death penalty for heinous crimes in the Philippines.

In his fourth State of the Nation Address on Monday, Duterte called on Congress to pass a bill reimposing the death penalty.

“I respectfully request Congress to reinstate the death penalty for heinous crimes related to drugs, as well as plunder,” said the President, expressing his frustrations at the persistent problems of illegal drugs.

“My countrymen, it is a sad commentary that we cannot distinguish our need from our greed, our principles from our prejudices, the real from the fake, and the truth from a lie. The reason is because that many of us, what matters above all is the ‘self’. It is selfishness [at] its worst for no purpose other than personal aggrandizement,” he added.

To recall, the death penalty law was abolished during the administration of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she signed Republic Act 9346 or An Act Prohibiting the Imposition of the Death Penalty in the Philippines.

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