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Mga bugok! Duterte repeats marijuana joke, calls media fools for believing


By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday criticized the Philippine media for taking his recent joke seriously.

“Inaantok ako, sinong may marijuana diyan? Alam mo media, ka… pagkabugok talaga ng media,” said Duterte said.

The chief executive made the comment in a speech at the awarding of the Presidential Award for Child-Friendly Municipalities and Cities.

“Sabi ko, I was so sleepy… Ito sabi ko… Kaya na ano ako ng marijuana… Kung hindi kayo gago, I was presiding the plenary (during the ASEAN summit in the Philippines), maghithit ako ng maijuana?” he asked.

The President explained that he cracks jokes in hopes of lightening a dull moment.

“When it is too ridiculous, it must be a joke,” said Duterte.