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Duterte calls UN ‘stupid’ for criticizing drug war: Can’t I protect my country by killing?


President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out anew at the United Nations for criticizing the war on illegal drugs, saying he has a duty to go after those who “destroy” the country.

In a speech before troops in Zamboanga City Saturday (March 10), Duterte said he has been vocal about “destroying” the drug apparatus since he started his term.

“I said, ‘do not destroy my country or my city for that matter noon because I will kill you. And do not destroy the young or the youth of this land because I will kill you.’ Natural. Anong gawain ko? You are destroying ‘yang — Ang sabi ko sa law enforcement pati sa inyo, ‘Destroy the organizations of the drug syndicates. Destroy the apparatus,'” he said.

“Kung hindi pa kayo tanga kayong mga human rights, destroying is physically dismantling a structure or killing people,” Duterte added.

Duterte then advised policemen and soldiers not to cooperate in any human rights investigation by the United Nations. He said he should be the only one to answer the UN’s questions, so as to avoid discrepancies in the response.

“Eh kung mag shut-up ka lang. Sabihin mo na lang, ‘Si Duterte man. Eh siya man nag-utos. ‘Destroy the organization.’ So what’s wrong with that? Can I not protect my country by killing people and destroying apparatus?” he asked.

An abogado, Duterte said he knows his law and he will use it to protect the police and military.