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By Prince Golez

Contrary to claims that no big-time drug lords have been brought to justice, President Rodrigo Duterte said he has dumped bodies of drug lords in Manila Bay, Laguna de Bay, and in a ravine in the Mt. Province.

“Sabi nila o, itong mga idiotong mga kolumnista, wala daw nakuha na… Hindi lang ninyo alam. Baka hindi niyo alam ilan tinapon ko diyan sa Manila Bay. Mga y*** kayo. Baka gusto ninyo pati kayo,” Duterte said in a speech Thursday evening.

The President said he does not see the need to advertise it.

“Bakit? Naga-announce ba kami na ‘yang drug lord si ano tinapon ko sa ano — Laguna de Bay? ‘Yung isa hinulog ko doon sa Mountain Province doon sa ravine? Do I have to advertise that? Ulol pala kayo eh. ‘Yan ang ano,” he added.

It was not clear whether Duterte made the remarks in jest.

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