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Majority of priests are gay, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed Thursday (January 10).

In a speech in Bulacan, Duterte said homosexual priests should come out.

“P***** i** kayong mga obispo kayo, l**** kayo. Eh totoo naman eh. At karamihan sa kanila bakla… Kuwan man ang mga bakla pero sila they should come out in the open, cancel celibacy, and allow them to have boyfriends also,” he said.

Duterte said the book “Altar of Secrets” by the late journalist Aries Rufo is rife with accounts of priests committing various sins, like fathering children.

He said he is willing to be crucified during holy week if his allegations against priests are proven to be false.

“Dito ako magpalansang sa krus sa Bulacan. Oo, totoo. Pero huwag naman matagal. Siguro mga 30 minutos,” Duterte said.