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Shut up.

This is President Rodrigo‎ Duterte’s message to protesters who accuse him of planning to build a dictatorship and declare martial law just like his idol, former President Ferdinand Marcos.

‎”Kasi ang iba, napaka-corny naman. Diktador ganon. Look, wala akong ilusyon sa power. ‘Yung ganon na, he’s preparing for a long rule. Shut up kayo,” said Duterte in a speech Monday night.

Duterte reminded protesters he has been declaring his plan to cut short his term in two to three years his plan to shift to federalism ha become a done deal.

‎”If you can craft it in two years, I will step down. You have my word. P**** i**, delicadeza na lang. Count me out,” said Duterte. So kayong mga diyan ano, worrying about perpetuation of power, you’re wasting your saliva. I said I do not have the illusions of staying here forever,” said Duterte.

He said he would not even wait for the election results as long as there was a perfect setup and a strong president to hold the country together.

Duterte said that he was a reluctant candidate and that he preferred the work schedule of a mayor to a president.

“As a matter of fact, if I go back in time, ayaw ko na. Huwag na kayo sana mainsulto but ayaw ko na. Because of the job na, mabigat na trabaho,” said Duterte.